Monday, April 14, 2008

Young Nak English College Ministry - Revere

this was YNECM's first Revere night of many to come.
Every second friday!

The premise of the night stands as a praise & prayer night, a session of prayer sandwiched between two sessions of praise.

Monday, April 7, 2008

a Lock-In.

yeah. you....sleep. at church. well actually, there's VERY little sleeping involved, but that's the general concept. spending the night at church...

oh yeah. you know he's excited.

why was this game of jenga so intense....? because you had to eat....that....
coffee grounds, various sauces from chinese food, korean red-chili paste, tortilla chips, water, sprite....dunno what else...

some Uno...

a little Wii

Wii. Making pseudo-athletes out of couch potatoes since 2007...

an intro-spective journal time? (chicken scratching...)

a quick jam sesh..

because Spring was two weeks ago...♦

I know spring break was two weeks ago...

but hey. :D

ok egg juice?? how is...that even possible??