Friday, November 30, 2007

it be Rainin'

rainrain 02, originally uploaded by capt4inslow.

Time and time again I prove to myself that there is such a thing as way too much coffee. The last time I remember doing this was when I had a quadruple-shot venti drink at Starbuck's at around 10pm...and sat at my desk jittering and bouncy past 3:30AM wondering what I had done to do this to myself.

Last night in hopes of prolonging some alertness I had two very large cups of strong coffee...and I can feel my body still wired and jittery, and it's 9:08AM the morning after. Oh boy. Not going to be needing coffee for a while.

By the way. It's raining here in San Diego. Makes me feel good.

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Mike Mizzell said...

LOL!! Looks like you and I are in the same boat!! I stopped by starbucks last night and HOLY COW I had to take 2 tylenol PM to get some sleep! ugh!
BTW... Welcome to osp!!